Stormfiends: Bigger then your average rat!

For Christmas i had got a Element Games gift voucher, so there was no war-gaming surprise for me under the Christmas tree. But it did let me get some more models for my Skaven army and i don't know why but i seem to constantly overlook the Stormfiends.

First things first, these guys came out when the end times was in full flow so that meant they came with square bases. It went completely over my head that that there were no round bases in the box. Secondly you will notice that the Stormfiend with the ratling cannons is slightly different from what he is supposed to look like. He is meant to have a third rattling canon on his chest but it looks so ridiculous that i couldn't put it on. i replace it with some warpstone piece from what was left over from the box.

 I love these guys and they are way bigger than i thought they would. they are almost twice as big as the rat ogres that come with the island of blood box from years ago. i think im going to make these as bodyguards for Thanquol & Boneripper. Keep the colour schemes coherent.

 Another thing i picked up with the same voucher was the Ogre from blood bowl. really nice model with a good pose. He seems really small compared to the Stormfiends when he is next to them but he will fit nicely with my Reilkand Reavers team.......when i get around to painting them!

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