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Run Gutter runners RUN!!!!

The Skaven warband almost has its two gutter runners almost finished.
I hated painting the black. The abbadon black paint had an almost had a gloss finish on it and ii couldn't paint the robes grey because the wall pieces on the base would be grey.
So what i had to do was put a nuln oil wash over the black parts to take the gloss of. Then i dry brushed dawnstone grey mostly all over but more prominently on the edges.

That created another problem! The robes and the cape started to look kinda chalky looking. I took a gamble on putting a wash of Seraphim Sepia. this turned out to be a really good was to put on. it gave the robes/cloak a dirty yellow look with almost a hint of green in it. One colour disaster turns out to be a good thing!

Both gutter runners are almost finished. A few highlights here and there but the big thing is to blend the colour of the tail to the rest of the models skin tone.

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