This is Clan Eshin warband project in the making now for only god hows long! But i finally started making the models based on the list i made in a previous post.

 The first few i put together were the 3 Black Skaven and a Eshin sorcerer.  The Black Skaven can a little bit more armoured than the rest of the clan. So i think of them as the the bodyguards of the clan.

This guy is equipped with a pistol but i think i'm going to change that later. It doesn't seem to fit to well, so i might try and come up with something better

The Eshin sorcerer still has a staff to go on his right arm but i like how he turned out.
The most recent work i got done was two of the four gutter runners for the warband. the two models are from the Skaven blood bowl team box and they are two really great looking models that don't need to be changed a whole lot. so i left the first guy as he was. Didn't change anything. 

With the second guy i just changed his two arms. I managed to find a right arm that looks like its holding something similar to a  fighting claw. The other hand is reaching out and what i want to is put a chain coming out from it with some sort of grappling hook at the end.

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