Kit Bashed Hellpit Abomination

This is something that's been on my shelf for a while.

I took apart a giant model i had built a few years back, never liked the job i did on it so decided to mix it up a bit. I wanted to see what it would be like if i tried to kitbash some leftover Hellpit Abomination parts.

I thought  about maybe putting a tail on him but i wanted it to look like the skaven found the giants body so i looks like they salvaged parts together to make this abomination (literally!). The addition of a tail i think wouldn't be a right fit.

He is a little rough around the edges, i think i need to get a pot of liquid green stuff and that should cover most of the gaps and joints.  I keep forgetting i had even made this. I like how the three arms look and the skaven heads coming out of the giants neck.

For now i haven't got any plans on painting the big guy anytime soon which is a good thing just incase i wanted to add a few more things on it

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