Warhammer conquest issue 9 review

Issue 9 of Warhammer conquest is back giving us some familiar models with the poxwalkers but there is a very specific why these guys are around. Stay tuned to find out more.

Warhammer conquest issue 8 review

Issue 7 seven of Warhammer conquest is out and not only do we get a a new hero model for the space marines that brings a new psychic phase to the rules, but the model itself is valued at 3 times the price of this week’s magazine.

Warhammer conquest issue 7 review

This week’s issue of Warhammer conquest we don’t get any models but we do get something that’s a vital addition to the hobby. 

Warhammer conquest issue 6 review

Issue 6 of Warhammer conquest is out with 3 more models for the Death Guard. And more models means we gotta have a death guard organization chart!

Warhammer conquest issue 5 review

Issue five is out and this week is a space marine week. Not only does it introduce power weapons into the rules but we got a new exclusive model called lieutenant Calsius. 

Warhammer conquest issue 1-4 review

Warhammer 40K conquest is at issue 4 now, but what is this magazine about? Is it for beginners or is it for the more seasoned Warhammer collector? Is it good value of just a cash grab gimmick? Join me as I review the first 4 issues and we see what this magazine is all about. 

The End Times of Ebay Loots


Remember when the End Times first came around and everyone was getting killed? It should have been called the sad times :-(. All those well know known characters and places gone.....poor little queek headtaker and little Lord Skrolk. But..........

WIP: Thanquol and Boneripper

The latest project i have been working on is painting the Skavens Thanquol and Boneripper. Now i  have had this model for quite a long time and iv always been intimated about painting it up. But why?


Rejoice skaven rats! We have new models!
Spiteclaws swarm is the new expansion release from GW as part of the shadespire game. Each of the five models that come on the box are brilliant. Full of detail and dynamic poses.

Run Gutter runners RUN!!!!

The Skaven warband almost has its two gutter runners almost finished.
I hated painting the black. The abbadon black paint had an almost had a gloss finish on it and ii couldn't paint the robes grey because the wall pieces on the base would be grey.
So what i had to do was put a nuln oil wash over the black parts to take the gloss of. Then i dry brushed dawnstone grey mostly all over but more prominently on the edges.

Stormfiends: Bigger then your average rat!

For Christmas i had got a Element Games gift voucher, so there was no war-gaming surprise for me under the Christmas tree. But it did let me get some more models for my Skaven army and i don't know why but i seem to constantly overlook the Stormfiends.

First things first, these guys came out when the end times was in full flow so that meant they came with square bases. It went completely over my head that that there were no round bases in the box. Secondly you will notice that the Stormfiend with the ratling cannons is slightly different from what he is supposed to look like. He is meant to have a third rattling canon on his chest but it looks so ridiculous that i couldn't put it on. i replace it with some warpstone piece from what was left over from the box.


This is Clan Eshin warband project in the making now for only god hows long! But i finally started making the models based on the list i made in a previous post.