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Well it has been a while! I was starting to think i was never going get back into the hobby. Second year in college has been taking up every single second of time i have but if i'm not doing some hobby then at least i'm doing something positive!

Clan Eshin Warband

The last thing i was wanting to start was a Skaven Clan Eshin warband and i did a live stream video in the YouTube channel a while ago about making a list for it. So rewrote the list as a rough outline on what way i'm going to build the warband.

  • Assassin x2- weeping blades and fighting claws
  • Black Skaven x4- warplock pistol, halberd/spear x2, sword
  • Eshin Sorceror-  staff and scroll
  • Night Runners x4 - daggers x2, sword, spear
  • Verminkin x4 - sword & shield x2, spear x2
  • Giant Rats x5
  • Rat Ogre
I also want to keep in mind the special rules eshin has in the mordheim rulebook to try and incorporate them into the model and the basing.
So that's rough build of the warband. Some equipment might be changed depending on if i have the bitz and the model looks right. this build i based on the Mordheim warband list for clan eshin because if you wanted a pure eshin list using the Age of Sigmar skirmish rules it would be just 2 deathrunners some nightrunners.

See the problem there?

The Deathrunners only come in the first silver tower box and the available night runner models are the worst models in the Skaven range. So by the looks of it i'm going to have to do some kitbashing and converting. The best way to start is with the Skaven Blood Bowl box. And if i can get my hands on anymore Deathrunners off ebay they are going to be used as well 

Only part i have messed around with so far is sticking some skaven heads in some goblin bodies. Maybe they could work as some deformed Giant rats maybe?........Maybe not! lol

This guy, the Verminlord Deceiver, is going to be the centerpiece of the warband. Obviously he used in the warband but still looks cool as their leader! 

Stay tuned for updates!

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