Old School Verminlord

This has got to be one of favourite ebay finds. I've loved this model from when i first started collecting Skaven. i usually hate working with the old metal models but this one was a joy to work on. Only part i had to change was his tail. His original tail was missing so i went looking through bit bitz box and funnily enough it was a piece from the new Verminlord kit that was a perfect fit!

I used a garden of morr piece on the base because i'm wanting to tie in all future skave projects with the same scenic bases.

WIP Pictures

Finished model 

I am surprisingly happy with the glow effect from the warp stone in his fore head. I dry brushed the area around the stone with the brightest green i had, i think it was the old scorpion green paint and it it turned out just right.

Here the video of the model i did for tje SpungeHammer YouTube channel

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