Spunge's Hobby Desk: Deathwing Terminators, Verminlord & Roboute Guilliman

One of the things im working on now is a unit of Deathwing Terminators. Had these since the Dark Vengeance came out a few years back and never really had anything planned for them. I had started a patreon account to go with my YouTube channel and as a thanks to my friend how supported me through it i decided to paint up the unit for him.

I go into greater detail in my YouTube video on the work i have done so far but i pretty much have the base colours down. I like the Zandri Dust colour on the armour, i was considering using a Agrax Earthshade wash in the recess but took a chance on Reikland Fleshshade instead. The softer tone of the Reikland Fleshshade turned out really nice and wasn't to dark. Still a bit to go on the unit but im enjoying painting these.

I showed this off in a previous ebay loot post but i randomly started painting his skin one day with Bugmans Glow followed by Reikland Fleshshade. Not much more done other than a few bits but he is next on my painting list!

Finally the last thing on my painting desk is the king of the Ultramarines himself Roboute Guilliman. I have some plans for this guy when i get around to painting him. I have some new Death Guard models and a primaris model that came with the getting started magazine, so i'm thinking of some kind of diorama piece. Hopefully i will get around to it sooner than later!

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