Deathwing Terminators WIP

So after a few weeks i finally had a chance to sit down and get some hobby time in and I have been focusing on trying to get this unit of Deathwing Terminators finished. It’s the unit from the old Dark Vengeance starter set and I’m painting them up as a gift to a friend. 

Right so I have got the base colours on except for some small parts and the weapons.  I’m going to leave them until last. I need to add some highlights onto the smaller parts and even on to the armour. I think the zandri dust colour came out really well on the armour especially after the second layer. The sergeant guy has the most detail and has this robe on him. I put some death guard green on him so the green wouldn’t be the same as the green on his chest piece. I think for the bases I will be using some cork. Just keep it nice and simple.

But I have really enjoyed painting this unit so far. I have had these since the dark vengeance box came out and was never really bothered painting them until now. k

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