Hobby Journal: Rebasing my Skaven Zombies

How long has Age of Sigmar been out? Well over a year now and i still haven't got around to rebasing any units for my Skaven army. I have done 3 or 4 hero models but i wanted to get the whole army on round bases and im starting with my Zombie Skaven unit. So after searching on Ebay i was able to get 50 25mm round bases for a little under €5 (inc delivery).

The Skaven zombies are models from the old Island of Blood starter set so they were on the old square slotta bases. I had to be really careful when cutting the plastic part that's attached to the feet because their feet are really small and its easy to cut the feet straight off.

I love it that Age of Sigmar models are on round bases now. It gives you a chance to make every model that's part of a unit stand out instead of being lost in the old rank and file formation from Warhammer Fantasy

Here is the video version i did for my YouTube channel enjoy and thanks for checking this out!

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