Hobby Journal: Blood bowl Orks & Pre Heresy Word Bearers

Since i finished my Skaven blood bowl team i wanted to keep the momentum going with my Blood Bowl teams so up next was the Ork team that i got with the BB starter box. I have said before that these Ork models are some of my favourite and i'm looking forward to painting them.

I kept the same colours that's shown on the box. I like the Gouged Eye uniforms and armour colour. The skin is something i'm only satisfied with now because i use a lot of old paints but i bought waagh flesh for the basecoat and followed a nuln oil wash. I was then just adding goblin green but i'm going to change that from now on

I was wanting to painting something different and i remembered i had a lot of marines left to paint. since i was painting the red on the Orks armour i decided to paint the pre heresy Word Bearers. Im only painting one for now because i was recording it for a painting tutorial for my YouTube channel. What i like painting a marine is once the Mephiston Red base on instead of just plastering the model with a wash, i only apply it in and recess of the armour

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