50 Point Warband lists: Clan Eshin

I came up with 3 warband lists for Skaven's Clan Eshin using the new skirmish rules for Age Of Sigmar. I wanted to make the list more towards the fluff rather than make a powerful list.

List 1: Standard Eshin warband

1 Death runner: 24 pts
10 Night Runners: 20pts
6 Giant Rats: 6pts
There are only two choices in the rule book for Clan Eshin specifically, Death Runner (hero choice) and night runners. So instead of the warband consisting of just two units i thought the giant rats would be a nice fit for Eshin.
List 2: Eshin Muscle  

1 Death runner: 24 pts
1 Rat Ogor: 12 pts
7 Night Runners: 14pts
This list i wanted to go back to what the Eshin Warband was like in the Mordheim game setting. Clan Eshin had a lot more options then and one of them was the rat ogor. To fit the big guy in i had to take out 3 night runners to even the points to 50.

List 3: Mordheim Power

1 Grey Seer: 24 pts
1 Rat Ogor: 12 pts
7 Night Runners: 14pts

This list is Mordheim all the way! But it does have a bit of everything. Swapped the Death Runner out for Grey Seer. I'm not sure how this mix will play in the game yet but i really like it. Three different units with their own way to work on the battlefield.

Hopefully you like these list i made. I didn't make power list but more fun/themed list. I will be making more in the future so keep an eye out!

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