Ebay Loot: Big Bad Goblin Spider Riders

Straight to the point. 15 goblin spider riders for €20 including delivery. How am i ment to pass that by!

Remember the Battle of skull pass starter box that came out for old 7th edition warhammer? It was dwarfs and goblins. I managed to get the dwarf half of the set but i really wish i had gotten the goblin half as well. Trying to get that box on ebay cost a pretty penny but i always kept an eye out for the goblin stuff.

 These guys were painted pretty bad when they arrived but i gave them a good stripping and they cleaned up nicely. The only thing i messed up with was i accidently snapped off one or two legs off.

I managed to get the guy to throw in a goblin boss as a bonus. Sweet! Hes a nice little guy and it's good to have a leader guy to go with my small goblin group.

They were all on bases and i would like to get them on some ovals eventually. Unless i find some cheap bases on ebay its not going to be any time soon unfortunately