Hobby Journal: WIP skavenblight scramblers

Oh god it feels like its been ages since i had a chance to work a bit more on this team. Second term of college and life is just punching the spare time i have right in the stomach.
It annoys me that i get so much done and can't come back to them for a while. I miss the hobby desk

 I was stuck on what colour duo to go with for the gutter runners so i
did one with a black cloak and robes with the inside red and the other i went with a grey for the robes and outer cloak. Kinda wish i had went with a darker grey. But i think i prefer the grey one for now.

I didnt realise how nice the stormvermin models were until now!They look so big and bulky! Really happy how these are turning out. Only going to look better when the base is done.

Finally we have the thrower. I like the way he has the being thrown from his tail, its a nice detail. I like the thrower model, i know in the PS4 blood bowl 2 game the Skaven thrower has like a ball launcher on his arm that shoots the ball out so that could be a future conversion.

Hopefully i will get more work done soon and then move on to either the human team or the orc team. But here is a YouTube video from my channel with an update as well

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