5 Things I wish I’d known when starting the hobby

5 Things I wish I’d known when starting the hobby

I have been doing this hobby for about 6 years’ now and I’d say I’m experienced at it a little bit but when I started off I knew nothing! It took lots of trial and error over the years to get my painting and hobby to a half decent level. So, these are my 5 helpful bits of advice that I wish I’d known when I started the hobby

1.   Practice, Persistence and don’t worry
This probably applies to every hobby but when you’re starting off your first few attempts are probably gonna be pretty bad. I have a Space Marine sergeant that was one of the first models I ever painted and it has a brutal paint job on it but I will talk about him later. Painting can be something that takes time, practice and persistence. Overtime your efforts will improve and you will notice this by looking back at your older works. So don’t get worked up about your painting early on. Just keep at, learn different techniques and persist at it. Growing your painting skills is extremely rewarding

Can you really pick a miniature of the year?

In this month’s White Dwarf (January) there was an article about looking back at 2016 and reviewing what was released. And going through it they really did release some amazing stuff like a reintroduction of Warhammer Quest to the rise of the genestealer cult.

But the thing I’m wanting to talk about is at the end of the article, they have a part where you can vote for the miniature of the year where they have one model from each month they were released from (pg48).

Now the problem I see with this is