A Deathrunner & Deathrunner conversion

I had gotten two Skaven Deathrunner models of Ebay a few months back and had completely forgotten to share what i did with them. I love this model and please god the get a release by themselves, just like most of the silver tower models did :-(

What's on Spunges Hobby Desk?

Well it has been a while! I was starting to think i was never going get back into the hobby. Second year in college has been taking up every single second of time i have but if i'm not doing some hobby then at least i'm doing something positive!

Rebasing a Verminlord #1

The rebasing from Square to round bases still continues in the hobby shed. I have 4 skaven monsters to get rebased altogether, Thanquol & Boneripper, Hellpit Abomination  I had bought round bases of Ebay and they ended up being really big! A bit to big! So i decided fill the base out and make it a scenic base.

Old School Verminlord

This has got to be one of favourite ebay finds. I've loved this model from when i first started collecting Skaven. i usually hate working with the old metal models but this one was a joy to work on. Only part i had to change was his tail. His original tail was missing so i went looking through bit bitz box and funnily enough it was a piece from the new Verminlord kit that was a perfect fit!

Deathwing Terminators unit finished: Hobby Journal

Oh boy. Do you know how good it feels to write a post about a unit that i finally got around to finishing?  There are numerous units i have started over the years only to have fallen wayside and into section of the hobby shed i call the "Blues Box".  Not a physical box but more of a metaphoric box. All it consists of is the endless cycle that us hobbyists abide to. Buy-start-blues box-repeat.

Deathwing Terminators WIP

So after a few weeks i finally had a chance to sit down and get some hobby time in and I have been focusing on trying to get this unit of Deathwing Terminators finished. It’s the unit from the old Dark Vengeance starter set and I’m painting them up as a gift to a friend. 

Spunge's Hobby Desk: Deathwing Terminators, Verminlord & Roboute Guilliman

One of the things im working on now is a unit of Deathwing Terminators. Had these since the Dark Vengeance came out a few years back and never really had anything planned for them. I had started a patreon account to go with my YouTube channel and as a thanks to my friend how supported me through it i decided to paint up the unit for him.

Easy to Build Box: Death Guard Plague Marines

On a recent trip to a Games Workshop i picked up the Easy to Build Plague Marines. For €12 this is a cool little box to pick up. It has 3 of the new plague marine models that are snap fit and easy to put together. 

Ebay Loot: Finally getting the original Verminlord

Anyone remember the Verminlord before the end times? Probably not. but its hard not to have a soft spot for the original model for what is essentially the skaven version of a demon prince. I nearly bought the original metal one brand new but when the newer kit came it got pushed to the side for the new shiney.

I have always kept my eye out for one on ebay but as usual it takes a while to get one at good price. Some prices had gotten really high but eventually i managed to pick it up for €14 including delivery. The only negative about it was his tail was missing. I knew that when buying it and it didn't bother me to much because the price was so good. I used a spare tail from the newer verminlord kit and i will add the Doom Glaive from that kit also.

Stay tuned for when i get around to painting this guy up. Should be fun and looking forward to adding him to my painted collection.

Hobby Journal: Blood bowl Orks & Pre Heresy Word Bearers

Since i finished my Skaven blood bowl team i wanted to keep the momentum going with my Blood Bowl teams so up next was the Ork team that i got with the BB starter box. I have said before that these Ork models are some of my favourite and i'm looking forward to painting them.

Hobby Journal: Rebasing my Skaven Zombies

How long has Age of Sigmar been out? Well over a year now and i still haven't got around to rebasing any units for my Skaven army. I have done 3 or 4 hero models but i wanted to get the whole army on round bases and im starting with my Zombie Skaven unit. So after searching on Ebay i was able to get 50 25mm round bases for a little under €5 (inc delivery).

50 Point Warband lists: Clan Eshin

I came up with 3 warband lists for Skaven's Clan Eshin using the new skirmish rules for Age Of Sigmar. I wanted to make the list more towards the fluff rather than make a powerful list.

Lets Paint Skeletons (Painting Tutorial)

A quick and easy painting tutorial on how to paint Skeletons. I wanted to make this as easy and quick as possible because in an army you could be painting up 60 of these!

Spunge's Skaven Blood Bowl Team

I finally got around to finishing my Skaven blood bowl. I absolutely love these models!

Spunge Murphy's Audio Cast Ep2

Hey there!
I listen to a lot of podcasts. A lot more than i listen to music on my ipod and i love relaxing and escaping with some good tunes!

My 5 Favourite Warhammer Ebay buys

Ah ebay i love you! But my paypal account does not. I usually try to check ebay once a week to see if any really good auctions manage to slip under every ones radar and swoop in with a cheeky bid. It doesn't happen to often but sometimes i can get stuff really cheap.

So here is my 5 favourite buys off ebay so far

Warhammer Underworlds: Shadespire The Sepulchral Guard!

Wow what a day it has been! We had live video  from warhammer tv showing the Kharadron Overlords and their battletome but first they showed a new video announcing the newest faction to Warhammer Underworlds: Shadespire the The Sepulchral Guard!!

Ebay Loot: Big Bad Goblin Spider Riders

Straight to the point. 15 goblin spider riders for €20 including delivery. How am i ment to pass that by!

Remember the Battle of skull pass starter box that came out for old 7th edition warhammer? It was dwarfs and goblins. I managed to get the dwarf half of the set but i really wish i had gotten the goblin half as well. Trying to get that box on ebay cost a pretty penny but i always kept an eye out for the goblin stuff.

 These guys were painted pretty bad when they arrived but i gave them a good stripping and they cleaned up nicely. The only thing i messed up with was i accidently snapped off one or two legs off.

I managed to get the guy to throw in a goblin boss as a bonus. Sweet! Hes a nice little guy and it's good to have a leader guy to go with my small goblin group.

They were all on bases and i would like to get them on some ovals eventually. Unless i find some cheap bases on ebay its not going to be any time soon unfortunately

Hobby Journal: WIP skavenblight scramblers

Oh god it feels like its been ages since i had a chance to work a bit more on this team. Second term of college and life is just punching the spare time i have right in the stomach.
It annoys me that i get so much done and can't come back to them for a while. I miss the hobby desk

 I was stuck on what colour duo to go with for the gutter runners so i

5 Things I wish I’d known when starting the hobby

5 Things I wish I’d known when starting the hobby

I have been doing this hobby for about 6 years’ now and I’d say I’m experienced at it a little bit but when I started off I knew nothing! It took lots of trial and error over the years to get my painting and hobby to a half decent level. So, these are my 5 helpful bits of advice that I wish I’d known when I started the hobby

1.   Practice, Persistence and don’t worry
This probably applies to every hobby but when you’re starting off your first few attempts are probably gonna be pretty bad. I have a Space Marine sergeant that was one of the first models I ever painted and it has a brutal paint job on it but I will talk about him later. Painting can be something that takes time, practice and persistence. Overtime your efforts will improve and you will notice this by looking back at your older works. So don’t get worked up about your painting early on. Just keep at, learn different techniques and persist at it. Growing your painting skills is extremely rewarding

Can you really pick a miniature of the year?

In this month’s White Dwarf (January) there was an article about looking back at 2016 and reviewing what was released. And going through it they really did release some amazing stuff like a reintroduction of Warhammer Quest to the rise of the genestealer cult.

But the thing I’m wanting to talk about is at the end of the article, they have a part where you can vote for the miniature of the year where they have one model from each month they were released from (pg48).

Now the problem I see with this is