Does less hobby mean better hobby? Balancing the Hobby, College and Life


Honestly that hashtag is true! Damn you college for trying to better me and helping me!

Oh hobby desk i miss thee
Seriously though i have hardly got any hobby done since i started college 3 months ago. Im lucky to get out to the hobby shed on the weekends if i can. There is no way i can start doing hobby over college work but at least i'm enjoying college. I'm studying Visual Communications and Design so it's a mix of digital media, art and art history.

So how has this time away from the hobby affected me?

Ever hear the saying absence makes the heart grow fonder? Im itching to get some hobby done now! For a while i wouldn't say getting fed up with the hobby but but maybe struggling to get motivated. But now i'm counting down the days until my christmas holidays! I think having time away from it is what everyone needs to rejuvenate the hobby juices. 

Now that i have a limited time to get some hobby done it makes me make the best of the time i have. The one thing i am now is more organized at projects. A few months ago i'd be stopping and starting projects all the time but now with my limited time i only have about 3 projects on the go. I always keep a notebook in my college bag now for any ideas i come up with. And we have been using mind maps for projects and i want to start doing that for warhammer projects now as well to help flesh out ideas.

It actually took me going college to start writing down my ideas. anf get organized but it works. When looking at the notebook i had forgotten about Daemon Prince/Verminlord conversion idea. Im hoping after a few months i will have this notebook full of different ideas to pick from. 
Now this is all in theory still. Im itching to start working on stuff now but when i get my christmas break i'm probably going to do fuck all for a few days and laze around the house. But for now the plan is to get the college work done until the 16th then blow the dust off my brushes and get cracking.
College work and life stuff has to be the top priority. But i think the college work is helping me with the hobby also. Especially design because it help with thumbnail ideas and the colour theory in art really helps.

Keep an eye on here over christmas fingers crossed i will have post flying out! :-)

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