Why you should subscribe to yourmodelbox.com: August Review

Read until the end to see my reasons why you should try this box out

Model Box! If you guys haven't heard of this yet then i guarantee you will be interested by the time you read through this. Ever heard of lootcrate? Of course you did the fucking thing is everywhere! Now lootcrate is cool and everything but honestly i have been wanting a hobby box of some sorts to come out and it finally has! yourmodelbox.com is a great montly subscription service and every month they will send you awesome products from the best manufacturers in the miniature hobby industry. Every month your Model Box will contain at least one awesome miniature, paints, a brush and an assortment of scenery and basing materials along with many more accessories. Each box has a different theme every month

Make sure to check out their website yourmodelbox.com the guys are really friendly there and answer questions pretty quick through their Facebook page

Anyways i got my hands on august's box which was Suicide Squad themed. It was packed with a variety of hobby goodness.

First off i got a promo leaflet that gave me a 15% discount from icarusminiatures.com. They had a model in the first Model Box but make sure to check out their site, they have got some nice models.

Next up was nice little addition. Two custom Model Box dice. I think these come in every box and there pretty cool and who doesn't dig custom dice?!

Speaking of dice check out these joker dice from the Batman Miniature game. 5 of them have the dots replaced with the word "ha" in a joker style and the 6 is a picture of the man himself. Then there's one red dice that has diamonds and a picture of Harley Quinn on it

A model up next. I got the Katana metal model from Suicide Squad. Now the detail on this model is really nice and i have a strong dislike for metal models but this one  is the business. The only thing is it is small kinda like an infinity model, Nice details and a cool model with a scenic base, looking forward to working on it

Scenery time! Crates! they work for almost every gaming system and in the box there were 4 crates to be made up. Again they are from the batman game and are a good size, good quality and have "Wayne Enterprise" on their side awesome! That is optional of course if you want plane crate you can just flip them the other way around when glueing 

And finally, probably my favourite part of the box, the paints. This month had two paints from army painter Daemonic yellow and dragon red, two colours i actually needed to at to my paints 

Now why should you subscribe to Model Box? Well here's my reasons
  • You are going to get a variety of different product every month from different companys. Its great to expand and look at different products.If not i guarantee you your hobby will start getting stale at some point. For me being creative is the big part of my hobby and suddenly getting a hobby slumb completely stops that creativity. So getting some new products every months keeps the creative juices flowing of gets them going again after stopping. Don't be afraid to try new stuff. I'm a Age of Sigmar/fantasy guy but i still paint some 40K stuff or sci fi stuff every now and then because i need to!
  •  I'm a comic book reader, a marvel one at that and never had much interest in DC so would i have ever bought some miniatures from the Batman game? Probably not (well maybe Batman!) but when i had  a look at that Katana model im now interested in looking at getting some other DC models and it is after getting me looking at some new awesome models lately from icarus miniatures 
  • I said earlier that the paints was my favourite part of the box and that's because i have been really focusing on my painting skills lately. Instead of rushing through models or not bothering to finish the paint job i have been sticking to my word and getting projects finished. So getting two new paints every month is a big plus for me. It gives me the chance to try new paints because all of mine are GW paints. And there in dropper bottles! Yeah!!
  • The element of surprise. Remember being younger and not being able wait until your birthday or christmas to get a surprise? That's what i was feeling like while i was waiting for this to arrive! The only thing they hint at what's in the box every month is when they announce that month's team.
  • It's getting delivered straight to your door! Postman knocks the door, you get up to answer, Boom you got a box of hobby supplies to go through
But you should try it yourself to get the full experience, It's a great monthly service and worth checking it out. They have got a couple of subscription plans on their site to pick from yourmodelbox.com

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