30K Calth legion marines #1

It has been a while since i last posted a here. Shame on me..............

Yes it has been a while since i last posted but if you have been following my youtube channel you would have  known that (cheap plug :-) ). But the newest project i am working on is the Betrayal at Calth 30K set. I got this as a Christmas present and i only got around to getting a start on it now. And i really wanted to start doing some 40K stuff on my channel and this is such a great box to start with. I am most looking forward to painting the dreadnought. So the first video update is up now and on only really got a small start on the tactical marines. But its the tactical marines i want to get done first because they are a good chunk of the box and i can get painting power Armour nailed down. 

Maybe i will start on the terminators after these because THEY LOOK AMAZING! Close combat equipment all the way!  


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