Blood Bowl 2 Clan Skurvy Vs Humans (The Sharp Marauders) Game week 3

Well how ya's getting on?
Its games week 3 in the Old world league in the Bronze division and Clan Skurvy are still looking for their first win of the season. It was a Human team up this week called the Sharp Marauders
All good men, even some with mustaches and a big o'l Ogre and everything! But we had Big Crunch our own Rat Ogre to back us up. To be honest these guys weren't that difficult. I was able to control the game and play the defense pretty good. And believe it or not we got our first win! A 1-0 win was just what we need to really get our season started. I was a little bit concerned at the start as these guys had 2 wins outta 2 and us rats had 0 wins after 2 games. It was a decent game but they never had us under much pressure and im getting better at playing the defensive side and not taking to many risks

Anyways i dont want to spoil to much for ya do heres the video of the game

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