Blood Bowl 2 Clan Skurvy Vs Lizardmen Game Week 1

Well how ya's getting on?
Ah Blood Bowl the game that everyone used to love but no longer available. But now its out on the PlayStation 4 and i managed to get myself a copy! Im gonna start this post with a little bit about my experience with this game starting off. Now i have never played any version of Blood Bowl before so there was quiet a learning curve i had to get used to but after getting a few games under my belt and sorting out the bugs the game has I LOVE IT!
So what i am doing is i started a new league in the Old World League. Now when you enter in the Old World League you start at the bottom called the Bronze division so im gonna have to work my way to the top. I will be uploading weekly on my YouTube channel and i will be posting weekly updates on this site also

Meet the Team: Clan Skurvy

The boys aint much to look at but once there on the field there a mean bunch. Of course i was going to pic the Skaven and there named after the legends of the sea from the old world "Clan Skurvy".

From what i have read the Skaven are meant to be a running team and by jaysus they can run! The gutter runners zip across the field really quick and cover a lot ground and as much as i love my Rat Ogre which i have nicknamed "Big Crunch" he can can be a bit hit or miss.

Game week 1 
Clan Skurvy

So the fist game of the season was against the Lizardmen and i really wanted to get off to a winning start. The Lizardmen team is a bit of a mixed bag. You have have half the team consisting of skinks and the rest of the team is made up of huge Saurus warriors. Not going to spoil it because i will leave the result of the match for the video but these guys were tough!

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