Blood Bowl 2 Clan Skurvy Vs Bretonnians Game week 2

Well how ya's getting on?
So after last weeks defeat at the hands of the Lizard men (see result here) we needed to get some points on the board. Up this week we had a game against a Bretonnian team called The Blessed Lords
 The Blessed Lords
What a handsome bunch the Bretonnian lads are
its almost most a pity to try and intentionally injure them! Since i hadn't played a Bretonnian before i had no idea what they were going to be like. But the Skurvy boys came out fighting in the first. Hitting hard and not taking much in return it looked like i had it in the bag. But once the second half started the Blessed Lords lads were much stronger. Maybe i under estimated them a bit to much but in the end i had to settle for a 1-1 draw. Cant take many negatives from it, had only 2 injurys and i managed to pick up a new player who wanted to join. But its better than having some one dyinging on me.
Whukit the newest addition to Clan Skurvy

The league table so far. Not to bad sitting in 6th but i need to get our first win to start climbing the table
Make sure to catch the game here and other games on my YouTube channel
GO #TEAMSKURVY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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