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Well hows ya getting on?
Something i have always looked forward every year idicbeer's terrain square competition. If you dont know who idicbeer is you have been living under a rock! I have entered it twice and hoping to enter it again this year. But my favorite part of it is seeing the results of everyone's work at the end. Its a terrain square with almost parts of a diorama parts mixed in as well. Its always a great competition with good prizes also and Nick deserves a lot of credit for putting it on every year. But here is a post from the man himself. Make sure to check out his site and his YouTube channel all the links will be below as well as the competitions sponsor Inside out terrain

Nick speaking,

First of all I would like to say a big thank you to Spunge Hammer for letting me do this guest post. I am Nick from my blog and YouTube Channel IDICBeer and I am posting to share the details of a terrain making competition I am hosting. This will be the third year of the competition, and it has managed to inspire a lot of awesome looking pieces of terrain around the world.

There will be prizes for my favorite pieces, and it isn't always the best pieces that win. I take lots of things into consideration when 'judging' the winners, but ultimately the idea behind the event is to just get people making terrain, and many of my entrants have used the competition to make their first ever piece, which is great to see.

The first prize will be £60.00 of loot of your choice and the second prize will be a £40.00 voucher for Inside Out Terrain to make you a custom piece of terrain. A huge thank you to Inside Out Terrain who have sponsored this years competition, please don't forget to check out their facebook page as they really do have some amazing terrain over there to inspire us all.

Here are all the details of the competition. I hope to see a few of you joining in and having some fun making terrain. Who knows, you could even win and be this years Terrain Square Champion!

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