Grand Alliance Chaos Book Review Pros & Cons

Well how ya's getting on?
Before i talk about this book my jaw nearly hit the floor when i seen the price of it. €26!! Now €26 euro might seem a little bit much for a book especially since its just a warscroll book (talk about that later) but this is a Games Workshop book! This is such a different game from fantasy 8th edition and from the way its looking the alliance part of the game is going to be a big factor.

So where does this book fit in..............

So a little bit about the book first. Just like it says this is grand alliance book. That means every chaos guy/unit is in this book. You have updated versions of the chaos warscrolls e.g. no more skaven banner bearer. 

Lets have a list of the pros and cons of this book

  • It has all the chaos warscrolls in one book. Great for tournament players as well as normal collectors 
  • Its a huge book. Its 304 pages long. Lots of content
  • 156 warcrolls with 11 battalions 
  • The cheap price makes the set affordable. The price is great and the Death grand alliance book is out now at half the size and half the price. Id imagine the destruction book will be the same and the alliance book will be around the same as the chaos book
  • Quality. Games Workshop rarely fail with quality and book is great to look at. Its well made and full page high quality pictures of the models for each warscroll
  • I like how its in factions. This could be a more of a nod towards Age Of Sigmar then the book though

To be honest there is not a whole lot to complain about. The book is meant to be warscroll book and that is exactly what it is (if that makes sense). These are more of what i would like to see in the next books rather then complaints
  • A few more battalions would have been nice. There is only 11 in it
  • Yes its a warscroll book for €26 and you can get warscrolls free on their website
  • The only bit of fluff is a brief glossary of each faction. What i would have liked to have seen is maybe a bit of fluff to go with each warscroll like they do on their website. A couple of lines to go with each unit/character/hero etc would be a nice addition.
  • Another thing that had me thinking was about the Skaven. Before this book came out i thought the Skaven Battletome would be up for release soon. This book doesn't add any new models/units to the army (actually it removed the standard bearer) so it had me thinking if a Skaven Battletome comes out with some new characters/units i would be a bit of a disappointment after getting this all-in-1 book and having to add more into it. There is two ways to look at it and this goes for the rest of the factions/armies in the book especially Beastmen

  1. No Battletome comes out for Skaven anytime soon. The book gets a longer shelf life just as it is
  2. Battletome for Skaven comes out with an updated army. Gotta add photocopied pages to the     alliance book to keep it as an all-in-1 book or have both books.
But to be honest if a Skaven Battletome came out id be happy as pig in shit. They were over due a new book before 8th edition ended and an Age Of Sigmar book would be great.

Overall i really like this book. Its a great looking book, tons of warscrolls to go through and high quality pictures to go with them. But its the price that really attracted me to it. Hell the only Chaos army i have is skaven and Chaos guys from the starter set. This is €26 and the Death grand alliance book is €13, now i imagine the prices of the destruction and the order books will match these so that means for the whole collection €78 which isn't bad. Well worth the money.

And as usual here is the video review i made of the book. This goes briefly through each warscroll. Enjoy smell ya's later............

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