2016 Painting Challenge: January Stormcast Eternals Liberators FINISHED!!!

(This took a little longer to update because i couldn't get decent photos until now)

Well hows ya getting on?
The first challenge i set for myself this year is painting the Stormcast Liberators from the Age Of Sigmar starter box. And im happy to say i finished them! I only did nine of the ten models because i wanted to do a painting tutorial on the leader guy. The colours i settled on for the shields and shoulder pads came out much better then i thought they would but as for it on the hammers im still not to sure about the colour but its ok.

The only thing im not too happy with is the the base. First time using cork but its the colour that im dissatisfied with. Its something to work on for the rest of the army

Here is the vlog on the final update from my YouTube channel and you will get details on what colours i used

And here is the playlist from this years painting challenge 2016 painting challenge

Smell ya's later with Febuary challenge...........which is more stormcast.........

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