2016 Painting Challenge: Febuary Stormcast Retributors & Prosecutors

I wanted to stick with the Stormcast for Febuary's painting challenge so i would still have the paint scheme still fresh in my head. Their is nothing worse trying to match a paint scheme from a model you did weeks ago especially since i still haven't learned the my lesson about writing down what paints i used. But a good chunk of the Stormcast have been done with nine of the models from the set done from last month and to speed things up i decided to get the 3 man unit of Retributors and 3 man unit of Prosecutors done in Febuary instead of just doing the one unit this month.

Got off to a bad start this month. Based the Retributors with some Leadbelcher and then some "real life" stuff happened and didn't get any hobby done for about a week and a half. But got back into the swing of it and got a good bit done a few days ago.

Right now i got most of the work done on the Retributors with just some highlights and some finishing touches and they should be done. Then i move on the Prosecutors

Should be fun...........smell ya's later

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