How to magnetize Contemptor Dreadnought

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Magnetizing models is something i haven't really tried too much. The thoughts of drilling holes into expensive model and of course me making a mess of it puts the fear level kinda high. But i wanted to make the most of the dreadnought from the Betrayal At Calth box. Its right arm has two weapon choices to choose from so there was no other better time to start magnetizing then now. I magnetized both sides because it will make it much easier to paint that way

Tools you are going to need

  •  Super Glue
  • Small pinning drill (optional)
  • Paint Brush
  • 5mm Drill bit (has to match size of magnets)
  • Magnets (i used 5mm for a dreadnought)
First your gonna want to drill a hole in the center of the arm pit with the pinning drill. Thats just to have a good starting point for the 5mm drill bit. 

 After a good bit of twisting, pushing and a bit of a clean on the edges i dry fitted the magnets. Make sure you dont push them in to far. You dont want get the magnet stuck with out putting the glue on first.
 Now jaysus lads be careful with the super glue. Fucking stuff is still on my fingers.
You only have to glue the inside of the rim. Maybe spread some on the magnet aswell
Now this is  where you need the paintbrush. Place the magnet in the hole and lightly push the magnet in place. You want to have it nice and level with the sides. Basically it should fit nice and snug.
Now with he arms its pretty much done the same way actually its the exact same way BUT you have to make sure the polarity with both magnets is right. Its easy to mess that up so make sure you put them in right

If everything went as planned and i hope it did then the then all the arms should fit in nice and tidy. Magnetizing it wasn't as hard as i thought it was. Just take your time and be careful with he glue and the magnets.
Hope ya's enjoyed this and i hoped it helped

Smell ya's later..........

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