2016 Painting Challenge: January Stormcast Eternals Liberators

To keep myself motivated for 2016 i made a painting checklist and challenged myself to a monthly painting challenge. Each month i pick a unit/models to get done during that month. Will i stay on track? Jaysus i hope so......

How long has the Age Of Sigmar starter set been out for now? Off the top of my head im not sure. Couple of months for definite. Why im asking that? Because the box i have has been on the shelf for bloody to long! I like both armies and its probably the best starter set i have seen. So since 2016 is
going to be the year that i try and get all my stuff painted it was obvious that this was going to get done some point this year.

The two units of 5 Liberators is what i chose to start with for January. There isn't much point in doing the one unit of 5 since the two units are identical. As for colour scheme im not to keen on the gold colour and id love to do either white or black Armour but i haven't got time to nail down the paint scheme. So i went with the silver Armour which i like. The  rest was figure it out as a went along.

Now im terrible at remembering to take photos but im pretty good at doing a video update for my YouTube channel. So i have the first two update videos up now so you can see the progression of the unit

I promise to take more pictures.............

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