Work In Progress Hell Pit Abomination

Got to a bit of a late start on the Abomination recently but im confident of getting it done brfore the end of the month. Putting him together was pretty straight forward except for the fist part.
Literally the very first part had me stumped because the two parts were bits of flesh that for the life of me couldnt get them to fit together. But after a bit of twisting and plenty of dry fitting it all went into place after that.

I went with the more natural looking arms and what i mean by "natural" i mean i didnt use the metal looking arm or the fire looking arm.
Im going with a paler looking skin tone. Its Rakarth flesh base, Reikland fleshshade wash and layer of Flayed One Flesh over it.  Its the same tone i used for my Bloodreavers because i never found a replacement for the old Tallaren flesh paint. Gonna finish the skin first then work on the other parts.

Its a great looking model once its all built and a pretty impressive sculpt. Its gonna be a great addition to my Skaven army when its done

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