WarbossTaes Spookeytoberfest 2015

What up playaaaaaaaaaassssssss!!! Straight from WarbossTaes intro! So my favorite time of year is finally here when ghosts, ghouls and horror movie icons supposedly come to life and have there time shine but in reality good old horror movies don't get the silver screen time they deserve and Halloween quickly brushed over to make space for Christmas decorations. But it also means WarbossTae's yearly painting challenge for Halloween/October has begun and its about time i got myself into a painting challenge. The theme is pretty simple paint something scary themed or something that seems scary to paint up (we all have that one model!) or just paint whatever you want as long as your  doing something for the challenge and uploading the progress. So what have i chosen this year?

Ah the mighty Hell pit abomination what a beautiful monstrosity you are! I have had this kit for well over a year now and to be honest i kept forgetting i had it. Its been tucked under my bed so long now  and the more i kept putting it off it just seemed to get more intimidating to paint and i had completely forgotten WarbossTae's painting challenge was coming up and i had nothing prepared to paint. So with the challenges theme in mind i thought it was a perfect time to get this beast painted up. Sure its an intimidating as well as an expensive model to paint up and i was waiting to find a decent replacement for the old Talleren Flesh paint but fuck it! Its time i got this painted up! I have just finished painting up some Bloodreavers and i like the pale flesh colour scheme that i did with them.
The plan is do an unboxing video and regular update videos through out the month. Its been to long since i last took part in a community painting challenge and it feels good to get back into it.

Gonna be a long month. Lets get cracking.......

Make sure to check out the Google+ page for more info and peoples updates here

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