Skarbrand the incredible Hulk of the warhammer world?

So Skarbrand hit the pre orders on the GW site and to be honest i didn't know anything about this guy until now.

 At first
i thought he was just a Bloodthirster with a name but the rules and the story for this guy are pretty cool (especially the rules)! One of the things i like about Age of Sigmar release so far the free rules have a nice mixture of the rules and the fluff for the the models. Its about 90% rules but they add a little bit of story to go with them. The fact that Skarbrand gets stronger the more angry he gets and the more wounds he takes instead of getting weaker like monsters do's shows his lust for blood and why he was one of Khorne's greatest champions. But Skarbrand thought he could take on the Chaos god himself and got beat, broken and tattered. So this isn't the full strength Skarbrand but he's still incredibly strong on the battle field.....
Slaughter & Carnage

Correct me if i am wrong but at full potential attacks from his axes "Slaughter" & "Carnage" as well as his "Roar of total rage"attack he can cause 37 wounds when he is at his angriest! You need the dice gods on your side to get all them wounds but still that amount of damage output is massive. But he does have his weak side also.
While they look cool his tattered wings don't give him the fly rule. He has 14 wounds which is great but he only has a 4+ save which is kinda in the middle as saves go  (not the worst but not the best) especially for such an iconic figure.
The priceof the actual model itself is a little intimidating. At €105 its on the expensive side. A reguler Bloodthirster is €91 euro but the extra cost i think is worth it. For such an iconic figure for the Daemons will be a great center piece for an army

Blood for the blood god.......

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