Thoughts on the new Age of Sigmar release

Its the 11th of July and the new warhammer set Age of Sigmar is finally available. But is this new release is more then just a new edition of warhammer fantasy? Its much more....

Age of Sigmar is a whole new gaming system. 8th edition as we know it is gone and Age of Sigmar is the way Games workshop is going forward with the fantasy battle.  But there are some things that are not to clear yet about the game and what it has to offer. I'm going to share some of my thoughts about the new release and some of new stuff that is coming with it. Note that unfortunately i wont be getting the new starter box until it arrives sometime a week after its release so if you getting yours on release date enjoy!

  • The AOS Starter box: With every new edition there comes a new starter box that is great value for money and by the looks of it this one continues the trend. Forty seven (awesome looking!) new models are in the set as well as the usual dice, measuring sticks and the rules of the game. Speaking of rules...
  • The free rules: Unless you have been living under a war gaming rock GW have released the rules for the new edition for free on there website. Even more shocking is that they were 4 pages long! Yes 4 PDF pages of new rules. Check out there website to download them.
  • The actual rules: The new rules are completely different from 8th ed. Customization of characters/units is almost gone, there are no points values in it anymore, stat lines are gone and building a army is confusing. I'm not saying these things to make it sound in a negative way but it really is a new game and the differences are sizable.
  • Warscrolls: Fear not! Your models are still in AoS! All armies (except chaos dwarfs) got free warscrolls PDF on GW's site. They have been brought up to date with the new rules.
  • Round bases: After all the rumors that have been going around for months about fantasy switching to round bases it is happening. All the models in the new set are on round bases but apparently its fine to keep the square bases because its not measured base to base its model to model now.
  • Skirmish: This im not sure about. By looking at the rules and warscrolls skirmish games seems to be an option now but there's not enough information really yet to tell 
  • Units having no points: This is the tricky part about the new game. No points cost for anything  and building a army seems a bit funny? Basically they say bring what you want and if its one sided there's a sudden death table for that....
Final thoughts 
I can see why some people could be raging about the new AoS release. The simplified rules, no customization on units, no points system and not really knowing how the army building works yet. And there are guys who just rage quit after one game and burn there 8th ed rule book and army (seriously look it up on YouTube ). Serious gamers and tournament guys will take it the hardest and i can see why because there inst enough information about the new system yet. I got into warhammer when 8th first came out so im not used to all the next edition rabble but the as far as i can see there has been mostly a mixed reaction from the community. Its either its extremely loved or extremely hated. One surprising thing is how well fantasy models look on round bases. I enjoy how they look not ranked up for a change
But my opinion is this: Its a turning point for GW. A big one. Free rules? who would have thought! It seems there going all out with Age of Sigmar. I'm positive the warscrolls are an temporary fix for the current armies and with the lack of information surely its a sign that theres good things coming in the future.
Dont be tool and rage quit so early. Give it a chance. Its still early......

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