End Times what happened to the Ogres?

As much as i wanted to i didn't get any of the End Times books i knew that i would struggle with he majority of the the fluff because i only really know 2 army's fluff history: Skaven and the Ogres. Now saying that i know their fluff really means i just enough to get me by without knowing all the tiny details. So as for knowing whats going on with the End Times i listen to the Garage Hammer and Heelan Hammer End Times reviews (great reviews check em out) but there only just finished the Khaine reviews. So being curious about what happened to the Ogres since they had got little to no mention so far i looked it up and found this page. (If anything is wrong make sure to let me know) The page pretty much covers the whole End Times story in good detail and each army has its own section. The Ogres have a tiny part in the middle of the fluff section, its not much but it tells what they got up to.

And what did they get up to? One thing is they joined up with this bad ass!

"Grimgor iz da best"
I'll admit this picture is a bit underwhelming for who Grimgor is but he became the incarnate of beasts when the Ogres joined him during there migration. Greasus Goldtooth challenges him for control but gets pretty much smashed. Sad part is this isnt mentiond in the End Times books but briefly mentioned the the novel.
Golgfag Maneater gets hired by the Dwarfs to help fight the Skaven but turns on them when offered more gold by the green skins.
Bragg the Gutsman gets a small mention as well.
The great prophet Skragg The Slaughterer, the last character to get mentioned, unfortunately becomes another victim of Grimgor and gets drowned in is on cauldron and fed to his following Gorgers.

Final Thoughts
Ogre characters aren't really to popular and there isn't a whole lot going on with the Ogres during the End Times but no one likes seeing there army characters getting killed off but no one was safe in the End Times (even poor Kraggi). But the Ogres are know as being mercenaries and if they joined with anyone I'm glad it was Grimgor. Incarnate of beasts as well as being a total bad ass!? Whats not to like!
Unfortunately at the end Grimgor waz almozt da best......

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