A Fluff Journey: Introduction

The main thing that got me into warhammer was the fantasy setting. The models is what got me first interested but the races, creatures, monsters, magic, the hero's (and villains!) and all the story's you read about the old world is what kept my interest alive. Now i just do the hobby side of it and not the gaming side but when End Times books first started coming out i was excited because it was a major story line and some new epic models. I have been wanting to really dig into the fluff side of warhammer for a while but with the End Times story practically destroying the whole old world i thought of holding off on reading the army books fluff until we see what 9th edition brings. I wanted to get the End Times books when they came out but upon listening the Khaine review i would have been out of my dept! (So many Elf names!). So where do i start? I have a copy of the Gotrek & Felix omnibus and i know they are pretty well known characters in the warhammer world so i think this is a safe book to start on. Plus its 3 books in 1 so i will be reading 3 story's straight after each other! After these are finished im not what i will read next but im sure 9th edition will be out by then and we will see what way the fluff and rules will be heading. I will be posting update post after i read each book with my thought after reading it. If you can recommend any books to start reading  make sure to let me know! Thanks for reading............

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