Skaven Zombie Warlord conversion

Did this a while ago and i dont know how i missed putting it up. Excuse the the quality of the pictures, i had to use my video camera instead of my proper camera for photos. This guy was for my my Skaven zombie army that needed
a warlord. I had a spare Island of blood warlord and just changed some bits around
 Took off the banner, changed both arms with stormvermin arms and cut the tail

 Cut the top off the helmet and added a torch on the base from the Corpse Cart kit
 Instead of the banner i put a captured empire guy on the pole. Poor guy......

Tried some OLS on the warpstone eye of the skull

 Bloodied mouth and skull (on the shoulder) with pale green flesh and carrying two fresh heads!
Im terrible for getting WIP pictures so make sure to check out this playlist on my YouTube channel for my vlog when i was doing this! Thanks for reading!

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