Finished Skaven Verminlord

I havnt posted to much lately but following on from my last post i did get my Skaven Vermonlord finished. I went with the deciver one just for the clan Eshin love and it turned out pretty decent in the end (There is always an intimidating factor when it comes to doing the new big kits). No mistakes on the plastic and it went together without much hassle. The hood part from its right side mask was a bit fiddly to get in but i sorted it. Few wip pictures below

 Honestly i cant remember what colours but they were pretty basic just based, washed and then layered the colours in.

 I magnetized the tail for easy (well easier!) storage and transportation. First time magnetizing something and it nearly fitted perfectly. Its just a tiny bit out

I should have taken more wip pictures but im always forgetting to get the camera out while painting. Also heres a link to a playlist on my YouTube channel for the vlog i did on this 
Thats it for now! Thanks for watching!

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