Work In Progress Hell Pit Abomination

Got to a bit of a late start on the Abomination recently but im confident of getting it done brfore the end of the month. Putting him together was pretty straight forward except for the fist part.

WarbossTaes Spookeytoberfest 2015

What up playaaaaaaaaaassssssss!!! Straight from WarbossTaes intro! So my favorite time of year is finally here when ghosts, ghouls and horror movie icons supposedly come to life and have there time shine but in reality good old horror movies don't get the silver screen time they deserve and Halloween quickly brushed over to make space for Christmas decorations. But it also means WarbossTae's yearly painting challenge for Halloween/October has begun and its about time i got myself into a painting challenge. The theme is pretty simple paint something scary themed or something that seems scary to paint up (we all have that one model!) or just paint whatever you want as long as your  doing something for the challenge and uploading the progress. So what have i chosen this year?

Khorne Bloodreavers

Finally got these guys all painted up from the Age Of Sigmar starter kit. There is 20 of these in the box but doing ten for now was enough for me. The detail is incredible on these guys especially

Skarbrand the incredible Hulk of the warhammer world?

So Skarbrand hit the pre orders on the GW site and to be honest i didn't know anything about this guy until now.

 At first

Thoughts on the new Age of Sigmar release

Its the 11th of July and the new warhammer set Age of Sigmar is finally available. But is this new release is more then just a new edition of warhammer fantasy? Its much more....

Thoughts and rumors on 9th edition

The End Times came, destroyed everything and has left the warhammer community in a panic state of, rage quitting, armies being redundant, round base fiasco and "Oh that's your favorite character?.......Dead!!!". But its strongly rumored that 9th edition is coming this summer with some sizable changes. But nothing is set in stone yet and with rumors coming out every other day its hard to tell what the changes will be. I didn't pick up warhammer until just after 8th edition came out so the next edition rumor thing is new to me and as a collector and not much of a gamer its fun to follow the rumor mill so saying that lets have look at some of these rumors (Have to give credit to the warseer forum for the rumor thread) Make sure to check out my thoughts of it all at the end

  • Bubblehammer:

End Times what happened to the Ogres?

As much as i wanted to i didn't get any of the End Times books i knew that i would struggle with he majority of the the fluff because i only really know 2 army's fluff history: Skaven and the Ogres. Now saying that i know their fluff really means i just enough to get me by without knowing all the tiny details. So as for knowing whats going on with the End Times i listen to the Garage Hammer and Heelan Hammer End Times reviews (great reviews check em out) but there only just finished the Khaine reviews. So being curious about what happened to the Ogres since they had got little to no mention so far i looked it up and found this page. (If anything is wrong make sure to let me know) The page pretty much covers the whole End Times story in good detail and each army has its own section. The Ogres have a tiny part in the middle of the fluff section, its not much but it tells what they got up to.

And what did they get up to? One thing is they joined up with this bad ass!

A Fluff Journey: Introduction

The main thing that got me into warhammer was the fantasy setting. The models is what got me first interested but the races, creatures, monsters, magic, the hero's (and villains!) and all the story's you read about the old world is what kept my interest alive. Now i just do the hobby side of it and not the gaming side but when End Times books first started coming out i was excited because it was a major story line and some new epic models. I have been wanting to really dig into the fluff side of warhammer for a while but with the End Times story practically destroying the whole old world i thought of holding off on reading the army books fluff until we see what 9th edition brings. I wanted to get the End Times books when they came out but upon listening the Khaine review i would have been out of my dept! (So many Elf names!). So where do i start? I have a copy of the Gotrek & Felix omnibus and i know they are pretty well known characters in the warhammer world so i think this is a safe book to start on. Plus its 3 books in 1 so i will be reading 3 story's straight after each other! After these are finished im not what i will read next but im sure 9th edition will be out by then and we will see what way the fluff and rules will be heading. I will be posting update post after i read each book with my thought after reading it. If you can recommend any books to start reading  make sure to let me know! Thanks for reading............

Skaven Zombie Warlord conversion

Did this a while ago and i dont know how i missed putting it up. Excuse the the quality of the pictures, i had to use my video camera instead of my proper camera for photos. This guy was for my my Skaven zombie army that needed

Finished Skaven Verminlord

I havnt posted to much lately but following on from my last post i did get my Skaven Vermonlord finished. I went with the deciver one just for the clan Eshin love and it turned out pretty decent in the end (There is always an intimidating factor when it comes to doing the new big kits). No mistakes on the plastic and it went together without much hassle. The hood part from its right side mask was a bit fiddly to get in but i sorted it. Few wip pictures below

Unboxing Skaven Verminlord

What a new kit for the skaven! This kit is GW at its finest and im not just saying that because im a skaven guy but for a single kit that gives you the choice of 5 different verminlords?! Thats model engineering at its finest! The new boxes are nice to look at (i put this in because it the first new kit i have bought in awhile) and it comes in two sprues. Anyways enjoy the video and dot forget to leave feedback!