What i would like to see in a Skaven update

I did a video on this on my YouTube channel on this a while ago (Check it out) where i shared some thoughts on what i would like to see with the next skaven update. Its rumored that
the next End Times book will have skaven in it. This is what got me thinking if they did get a whole new update with a new army book what would i like to see? Mostly i would like to see new sculpts for the army some of the old sculpts or fine but some really show there age. Putting some nice looking Stormvermin next to a unit of monkey shaped Night Runners annoys me!

These are just my opinions and most likely wont be in the next update but its always fun to speculate!
  • New sculpts--- In particular a new Grey Seer model. I just finished painting the Grey Seer from the screaming bell kit and its a really nice sculpt and i would gladly use it over the current Grey Seer model. A new special character Grey Seer would be fine too as long it can be use as a generic Grey Seer.
  • Skaven mounts--- This is something i would love to see! Most likely wont happen but its a long shot! What got me thinking about this is Goblins have spider mounts, Ogres have Mournfang,  Skullcrusher ride whatever those bad ass monsters are and most armies have horses, skeleton horses, Pegasus etc. So whats stopping the skaven from getting a mounted unit? Forge world have the Wolf Rats which are perfect size for what im thinking. There is even a upgrade for a Great Poxed Rat mount for a warlord! Get it done!!!!
  • A Stormvermin character--- The Stormvermin is a awesome unit model and rules wise. If you follow the fluff you would know that climbing to the ranks of stormvermin and staying there is no easy feat and to me it feels like the unit is missing a strong character to lead them in battle. A named character would be cool and you could take him as a unit upgrade to give them some special rule or something. Not to pushed on the rules but i would love to see a model for it!
  • Warplock Jezzails--- €41 goddamn euro! Im not one complaining about prices with the hobby but i like these guys! They look great and i have some conversion ideas but no way am i paying €41 for 3 finecast models. PS i despise finecast......
  • Clan Eshin--- These are the coolest thing about the Skaven! Rat assassins! The assassin model always reminds me of bat man! This is what i REALLY want to see get the most love. The assassin models are fine but the Night runners are god awful and badly outdated! I cant write to much about the rules but think about it....RAT ASSASSINS!!! Newly updated models are a must for the night runners and Gutter Runners. Give them some cloaks, throwing stars, some poison veils on there belt, daggers and some other assassin weapons and your set! The current models have spears for crying out loud! GW come on now! You know im right!
So that's it with my thoughts and wishes for a Skaven update. Hopefully some new stuff will be out in January along with a new End Times book, Make sure to leave your own thoughts and opinions about this and feedback is always greatly appreciated!

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