Skaven Stormvermin Converting to undead Stormvermin

After converting up some clanrats and a warlord for my Skaven undead clan i have about half a box stormvermin left to do so i thought i would convert these guys too.
I have painted up two of these already because i had two previously made up but got a

Skaven update rumors items missing from website

The rumors for the the next End Times book is supposedly about the skaven and some new model release are to come with it. I have wrote before about what i would like to see in the update but i just might have found some clues. When i checked the GW site tonight there are

What i would like to see in a Skaven update

I did a video on this on my YouTube channel on this a while ago (Check it out) where i shared some thoughts on what i would like to see with the next skaven update. Its rumored that