Warhammer Ebay loot:Ogre Maneaters & Gorger

Ebay is great for getting warhammer stuff cheap but it is highly addicting!
I have always a unit of Maneaters for my ogre army but i cant commit to finecast. So Ebay is my best chance to get some of the metal ones. I have got two so far the Araby guy and the Imperial  guy and there really nice looking models. I got the 2 of them for €30 including shipping and they both need stripping and repainting but im looking forward to repainting them.I might wait until i get a third one to start the unit and im still looking out for one.
 I wish the Nobler guy with the sword came with the Araby guy
Love this guys weapon!

I also got a Gorger. Got him for about €9.50 inc post. This was a steal because i haven't seen much of these on ebay, Best thing about it i only need one for a unit! Noice!!
Also came with alternate head

Altogether i got all these for around €40 which inst bad since new fincast ones are just under €65 for the 3

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