Warhammer Ebay loot: Ogre Scraplauncher

I have bee hitting Ebay AGAIN (I need to stay away!) but out of the list of things i was watching this slipped past everyone. I snapped this big chunk o' metal for just under
€9 including postage. You dont see scraplaunchers that much because everyone makes the Ironblaster alternative but the old metal one isnt a whole lot diferent from the new one. There are loads of cool Gnoblar bitz but im not going to use them all on it. Thats for another project down the line! Anyways its hard to find good pictures to see exactly where all the Gnoblars fit on it and im pretty sure i have all the pieces. It was a good buy and got it cheap only thing is i dont know when im gonna start work on it!
Stay tuned!!!!!!!

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