My "just under 1500pts" skaven army

One of my last YouTube videos was where i add up all my Skaven army to see how much i had. I was surprised that without any lord or hero upgrades i had 1479 points. I did build my skaven for gaming or tournaments it was just whatever stuff i liked or could get off Ebay. Skaven usually have a LOT of
clan rats or slaves and i have 60 of them but i aint planning on painting hordes of them anytime soon! The only stuff i haven't made is a handful of stormvermin and a Hellpit Abomination.
Anyways once i roughly added the Lords/Hero upgrades and magic items/banners it added to 1779pts. I thought i had about a thousand pts but i forgot a grey seer is 240 pts, the Abomination is 250 and with almost 60 clanrats,20 Night runners and 20 Stormvermin it all adds up! The Rat Ogres weren't as cheap as i thought they were coming in at 88 pts for two ogres and a moulder. I have two warlocks which are nothing at 15pts a piece but to get them at Lv 1 spell caster its 50pts each that's another 100 pts added on. I don't know what i will be adding next (a doomwheel would be nice!) but it probably wont be until the get some new releases from GW or find some clan rats going cheap on Ebay!

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