Painting VC Crypt Horrors PT 2

Ok so after taking soooo long with these two Crypt Horrors i finally got them finished today! I'm happy with the finished results and i used balsa wood for the first time on bases too!

The bone, nails & spikes color was 
Dhenab Stone base then
A Agrax Earthshade wash
Another layer of Dhenab Stone but leaving the recesses 

The body part on the back was 
Rotten Flesh 
washed with Agrax Earthshade 
the skulls and the blood were done with
 the Technical paint  Blood for the blood god 

The bases is gravel with Agrax Earthshade over it
and then i painted pieces of Balsa wood with Khemri brown
One had a Agrax Eartshade wash and one had a Nuln Oil 
Both were highlighted with Khemri brown when dried

And just in-case i missed something heres my video vlog

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