Painting Skaven Stormvermin

A while ago i painted some Skaven Stormvermin  and i only did 5 from the box. I hadnt really planned on when i was going to get the rest of the box finished but since i had finished the Night Runners the only thing i have left to finish for my skaven army (apart from the skaven zombies conversions) is a Hellpit Abomination and the rest of the Stormvermin unit. So im going start painting some of them as part of some late night painting sessions (long term plan is i could do this hopefully as a live show).
For the robe the base coats were
Charadon Granite
Added more color starting with a 1:1 Charadon Granite & Ushabti bone
Then just layered the color up adding more Ushabti bone to each layer each time

Painting VC Crypt Horrors PT 2

Ok so after taking soooo long with these two Crypt Horrors i finally got them finished today! I'm happy with the finished results and i used balsa wood for the first time on bases too!

The bone, nails & spikes color was 
Dhenab Stone base then
A Agrax Earthshade wash
Another layer of Dhenab Stone but leaving the recesses 

Painting VC Crypt Horrors PT1

I have 2 Crypt Horrors to paint up (the other one i did a while ago for my Crypt Ghoul unit) and i wanted a nice mid tone green on them.

The first base coat colours used was a 1:1 mixture of Knarloc Green and Orchide Shade

Looking at NAGASH + THE END TIMES Models

The END TIMES models from GW are awsommmmmeeeeee!!! The Nagash model itself is stunning and i really wanted it but the price and the fact i have a TON of models to get through and keep me busy ment i can miss this one (but fingers crossed for new skaven or box set soon). Anyways enjoy the videos!