Painting High Elf's Mage PT 1 CLOAK AND ROBES

First off this is a really great kit! Well worth the money and some nice spare parts for your High Elf army. Pretty much staying with the standard color scheme (well so far with the body)
I do use GW's old paints because i have the old mega paint set but here is a link to a conversion chart
The colours i went with were The Cloak : Codex Grey

                                                             Agrax Earthshade in the recessed areas
                                                             1:1 Mix of Codex Grey and Fortress Grey
                                                             1:1 Mix of Fortress Grey and Skull White
                                                             And then layered on Skull White
                                     The robes were :Regal blue (2 Thin coats)
                                                  1:1 Mix of Regal Blue and Ultramarine Blue( On raised areas)  
                                                  Then highlighted edges with Ultramarine blue 
Just in case i missed something here is a video of it when i painted it a few nights ago

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