Using detail pens on models

I have only just got a detail pen after a friend recommend using one for the model in the video and they are great! There perfect for writing on the pages of books and purity seals on space marines.
The one i got was about €3 but there are more expensive ones out there and you can get them as part of  a set. There one i am using is 0.1  but there is a 0.5 that i would like to give a go.

Skaven Night Runners

So i have these box of night runners for a while now and i never really liked the look of them. The models really show there age because they look like

NAGASH is coming!!

Nagash the Supreme Lord of the Undead is getting a release soon. The last time a Nagash model was released was before my time with warhammer but i recently read up on this guy when the rumors came out. This guy is

Painting High Elf's Mage PT 4 Finished Model!!!

Finally go the mage finished! The end result wasn't to bad i would have liked the hair a bit more blonde instead of yellow but...

Painting High Elf's Mage PT 3 FIRE STAFF

I cut the top of the staff off and replaced it with the top of another staff that is on his other arm. The colours for the fire were(whole

Painting High Elf's Mage PT 2 HEAD, ARM AND STAFF

The head i chose for the model was the hair blowing back to give it a powerful look and the top of the staff was cut off and replaced with another piece from the kit (the flames).The colours used were :

Painting High Elf's Mage PT 1 CLOAK AND ROBES

First off this is a really great kit! Well worth the money and some nice spare parts for your High Elf army. Pretty much staying with the standard color scheme (well so far with the body)
I do use GW's old paints because i have the old mega paint set but here is a link to a conversion chart
The colours i went with were The Cloak : Codex Grey