Skaven Stormvermin update 4 final update!

Happy to get some of these guys done. Now that i know what the painting
scheme is like for them i can do better detailed ones in the future!

Vlog Monday : Channel update & warbossTaes July challenge

Well its that time of year again for WarbossTaes July challenge. Last year i did some High Elves for the challenge so this year i wasn't sure what to do and i brought out a few choices!

How to pin/prepare yor models for painting

Hope this helps you guys out. I only started painting this way a few weeks ago and its a lot easier to paint this way!

How to make cobblestone bases

As part of a painting challenge on YouTube i did a unit of vampire counts crypt ghouls and i wanted to give them special bases. I did a cobble stone base on them and they turned out pretty decent. I hope this helps people and inspires you to add more on to it for your own!