SKAVEN Zombie unit finished!

Just got the SKAVEN Zombie unit. I'm happy with the unit especially that each model stands out by its self. But the base work is what im a little disappointing with but i did the last ten the same as i did the first ten just to keep them all with the same continuity. Enjoy!

SKAVEN ZOMBIE conversion update

I have been working on getting some more zombie Skaven done recently with 10 more left to finish the whole unit of 20. The swords conversion bits are from Vampire counts skeleton sprue. I went with rotten flesh colour on the skin instead of doing some a green color. These are still a work in progress but when there finished i will post more pictures of the finished models and the unit of a whole. I'm still working a center piece for the unit to tie in with the fluff im working on so stay tuned! These are still work in progress models!

IDICBeer 40k: Terrain Square Competition (Final Seven)

IDICBeer 40k: Terrain Square Competition (Final Seven): Nick speaking, Going back to the beginning of March and you may remember that I had a Terrain Square Competition over on my YouTube Channe...

Skeleton champion and musician for vampire counts

Just finished some skeletons for my Vampire Counts army and tried something different on the sword and the musical instrument and they didn't come out to bad (well the sword at least!).

IDIC Beers terrain square challenge

I recently took part in +IDICBeer terrain challenge on his youtube channel. The challenge really brought out a lot of brilliant terrain pieces and i enjoyed doing it! Below is my last video entry and a few pictures of my finished piece