Skaven Stormvermin Converting to undead Stormvermin

After converting up some clanrats and a warlord for my Skaven undead clan i have about half a box stormvermin left to do so i thought i would convert these guys too.
I have painted up two of these already because i had two previously made up but got a

Skaven update rumors items missing from website

The rumors for the the next End Times book is supposedly about the skaven and some new model release are to come with it. I have wrote before about what i would like to see in the update but i just might have found some clues. When i checked the GW site tonight there are

What i would like to see in a Skaven update

I did a video on this on my YouTube channel on this a while ago (Check it out) where i shared some thoughts on what i would like to see with the next skaven update. Its rumored that

My "just under 1500pts" skaven army

One of my last YouTube videos was where i add up all my Skaven army to see how much i had. I was surprised that without any lord or hero upgrades i had 1479 points. I did build my skaven for gaming or tournaments it was just whatever stuff i liked or could get off Ebay. Skaven usually have a LOT of

Skaven Grey Seer Conversion

Had this model lying around for a while in my bitz box. I bought it off Ebay ages ago and never got around on working on a base for him. By the way he is from

Warhammer Ebay loot: Ogre Scraplauncher

I have bee hitting Ebay AGAIN (I need to stay away!) but out of the list of things i was watching this slipped past everyone. I snapped this big chunk o' metal for just under

Repainting old models - Tau fire warriors Pt 1

It has been so long since i have painted a 40K model and i wanted to do a whole repainting old models project for ages, so i put the two together and i got it started! I have two

Looking at GW pre-orders Tyranids Tyrannocyte/Sporocyst

Another Tyranid release this week and the first one looks like a wrinkly "something" but the second one makes up for it!

Painting Tutorial: How I Paint Fire

Thought i would share this as painting fire isn't as intimidating as it seems (well small fires anyways!) Feed back welcome!

Looking at new GW releasesTHE GLOTTKIN

Nurgle has been crazy generous the last few weeks! First we had Putrid Blightkings & Gutrot Spume and then we had Nurgle Maggot Lords but this week we got the mighty THE GLOTTKIN! This model does not fail to impress from the pictures and the big guy is one of the other two guys brother!!! Anyways enjoy the review!

Looking at new GW releases Nurgle Maggot Lords

The last couple of weeks i have been looking atg the new Games Workshop releases on YouTube and they seem to be pretty popular compared to my other videos. I will try upload one every new release and TRY to remember to upload it here aswell. My reviewing skills are not the best but im getting better and im still figuring out a good format for the reviews (eg my last one ran 20 minutes for 3 models!) so from now on i will video each new model separately. Enjoy!

Painting Skaven Stormvermin

A while ago i painted some Skaven Stormvermin  and i only did 5 from the box. I hadnt really planned on when i was going to get the rest of the box finished but since i had finished the Night Runners the only thing i have left to finish for my skaven army (apart from the skaven zombies conversions) is a Hellpit Abomination and the rest of the Stormvermin unit. So im going start painting some of them as part of some late night painting sessions (long term plan is i could do this hopefully as a live show).
For the robe the base coats were
Charadon Granite
Added more color starting with a 1:1 Charadon Granite & Ushabti bone
Then just layered the color up adding more Ushabti bone to each layer each time

Painting VC Crypt Horrors PT 2

Ok so after taking soooo long with these two Crypt Horrors i finally got them finished today! I'm happy with the finished results and i used balsa wood for the first time on bases too!

The bone, nails & spikes color was 
Dhenab Stone base then
A Agrax Earthshade wash
Another layer of Dhenab Stone but leaving the recesses 

Painting VC Crypt Horrors PT1

I have 2 Crypt Horrors to paint up (the other one i did a while ago for my Crypt Ghoul unit) and i wanted a nice mid tone green on them.

The first base coat colours used was a 1:1 mixture of Knarloc Green and Orchide Shade

Looking at NAGASH + THE END TIMES Models

The END TIMES models from GW are awsommmmmeeeeee!!! The Nagash model itself is stunning and i really wanted it but the price and the fact i have a TON of models to get through and keep me busy ment i can miss this one (but fingers crossed for new skaven or box set soon). Anyways enjoy the videos!

Using detail pens on models

I have only just got a detail pen after a friend recommend using one for the model in the video and they are great! There perfect for writing on the pages of books and purity seals on space marines.
The one i got was about €3 but there are more expensive ones out there and you can get them as part of  a set. There one i am using is 0.1  but there is a 0.5 that i would like to give a go.

Skaven Night Runners

So i have these box of night runners for a while now and i never really liked the look of them. The models really show there age because they look like

NAGASH is coming!!

Nagash the Supreme Lord of the Undead is getting a release soon. The last time a Nagash model was released was before my time with warhammer but i recently read up on this guy when the rumors came out. This guy is

Painting High Elf's Mage PT 4 Finished Model!!!

Finally go the mage finished! The end result wasn't to bad i would have liked the hair a bit more blonde instead of yellow but...

Painting High Elf's Mage PT 3 FIRE STAFF

I cut the top of the staff off and replaced it with the top of another staff that is on his other arm. The colours for the fire were(whole

Painting High Elf's Mage PT 2 HEAD, ARM AND STAFF

The head i chose for the model was the hair blowing back to give it a powerful look and the top of the staff was cut off and replaced with another piece from the kit (the flames).The colours used were :

Painting High Elf's Mage PT 1 CLOAK AND ROBES

First off this is a really great kit! Well worth the money and some nice spare parts for your High Elf army. Pretty much staying with the standard color scheme (well so far with the body)
I do use GW's old paints because i have the old mega paint set but here is a link to a conversion chart
The colours i went with were The Cloak : Codex Grey


I had this Space Wolf model for a while and i only got around to opening it now. The model was badly miscast (apart from

Late Night Painting: VC CORPSE CART + ZOMBIES

Decided to record a late night painting session, unfortunately im a slow ass painter and didn't get as much done as i hoped i would! But i nearly got the Corpse Cart finished with just a few small pieces to finish it off

July Painting Challenge ORK Warboss PT 1

For this years July painting challenge (from WarbossTae) i decided to do only 3 models because i wanted quality over quantity this year and luckily i did because

Skaven Stormvermin update 4 final update!

Happy to get some of these guys done. Now that i know what the painting
scheme is like for them i can do better detailed ones in the future!

Vlog Monday : Channel update & warbossTaes July challenge

Well its that time of year again for WarbossTaes July challenge. Last year i did some High Elves for the challenge so this year i wasn't sure what to do and i brought out a few choices!

How to pin/prepare yor models for painting

Hope this helps you guys out. I only started painting this way a few weeks ago and its a lot easier to paint this way!

How to make cobblestone bases

As part of a painting challenge on YouTube i did a unit of vampire counts crypt ghouls and i wanted to give them special bases. I did a cobble stone base on them and they turned out pretty decent. I hope this helps people and inspires you to add more on to it for your own!

Tutorial How to remove paint/strip your models

A quick tutorial on how how to remove paint from models.
This is a great tip for wanting to repaint old model that you did years ago that could do with a new paint job.

SKAVEN Zombie unit finished!

Just got the SKAVEN Zombie unit. I'm happy with the unit especially that each model stands out by its self. But the base work is what im a little disappointing with but i did the last ten the same as i did the first ten just to keep them all with the same continuity. Enjoy!

SKAVEN ZOMBIE conversion update

I have been working on getting some more zombie Skaven done recently with 10 more left to finish the whole unit of 20. The swords conversion bits are from Vampire counts skeleton sprue. I went with rotten flesh colour on the skin instead of doing some a green color. These are still a work in progress but when there finished i will post more pictures of the finished models and the unit of a whole. I'm still working a center piece for the unit to tie in with the fluff im working on so stay tuned! These are still work in progress models!

IDICBeer 40k: Terrain Square Competition (Final Seven)

IDICBeer 40k: Terrain Square Competition (Final Seven): Nick speaking, Going back to the beginning of March and you may remember that I had a Terrain Square Competition over on my YouTube Channe...

Skeleton champion and musician for vampire counts

Just finished some skeletons for my Vampire Counts army and tried something different on the sword and the musical instrument and they didn't come out to bad (well the sword at least!).

IDIC Beers terrain square challenge

I recently took part in +IDICBeer terrain challenge on his youtube channel. The challenge really brought out a lot of brilliant terrain pieces and i enjoyed doing it! Below is my last video entry and a few pictures of my finished piece

How to paint Skaven zombies

Just in-case anyone was wanting to know how i painted these guys i recorded a painting tutorial on how i painted the Skaven zombies. Enjoy and feedback welcome!


For christmas i got the Vampire Counts battalion set and you do get a fair amount of models in it! Im going to unbox each unit from it in a 4 part video set.


Skaven zombies Pt1 the Deadly duo

 Bit of an update guys. Havnt been painting the last few days thats why i only have 2 more finished. I think these came out pretty decent and now that i know the colour scheme i will be using i should be able to get the rest done a bit quicker.
                                                                          The deadly duo!

2014 Projects: 2000pts Vampire Counts, Unit conversions, Happy new year, Skaven and more!

Well guys its officially 2014 and im sure the hobby world is flooded with new year projects. This year mine will be mostly to build and paint a minimum 2000pts of Vampire Counts. Ive been wanting to build a VC army for a while and this year is gonna be the year i do it. So far i have just a little over 1000pts of stuff bought (just waiting to be be made and pained now!) so over the year i will be doing some unboxing's model reviews and maybe some painting tutorials. I haven't worked out a 2000pts list yet but i'm mostly gonna be working on the core units for now. I do have a small few bits painted from last year already but what i have now:

  • 1 VC batallion (which includes 20 skeletons, 20 crypt ghouls, 10 dire wolves and a corpse cart )
  • 2 boxes of crypt horrors
  • 10 skeletons (made and painted)
  •  A wight king (made and painted)
  • cairn wraith  (made and painted)
  • Isabelle von Carstein
  • A broken zombie dragon kit. (if needed i will fix it up and try make it look good)
Also im hoping to convert a 20 man unit of Island of Blood clan rats to a unit of zombies so that should be a challenge!