Quick N Easy Skaven clan rats

OK so im just 2 full command short of finishing my two units of clan rats and i wanted to show how i painted most of them pesky rats! It can get long and boring painting these because there are so many to get through so a lot of these were painted with just base coats and then finished with a wash. ( 90% of the paints i use are from the last GW paint set so you might need to look at the Conversion chart )

                                             The were all sprayed white and i started the skin with Tallarn Flesh
 For the cloth underneath the Armour i went with Mechrite red
 All the Armour including any other metal parts on the model were painted with Boltgun Metal
 The wooden part of the shield was painted with Mechrite red and any fur parts were painted Vermin brown
 The teeth, string and any bandages were painted Bleached bone
 The arm was all painted with the same corresponding colours
The model was the finished with a was of Agrax Earthshade

Thats it for a quick and easy Skaven paint job. The two full commands i have left to do will hopefully be painted with greater detail the the normal clan rats. Thanks for looking and stay tuned for more updates!!

SKAVEN project update

Lately i have been working on the Skaven half from the Island of Blood starter set. I wanted to paint up all the clan rats first because i wanted to be more prepared when it comes to painting the special characters from the set. It is fun painting these guys even though there is 40 in the set to paint up. All these will be based too. im going for the whole detail with these guys all bases will be finished and each unit will have there own movement trays. after the clan rats i will most likely start on the rat ogres. Stay tuned for progress!